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Decorative and Functional Handwoven Baskets

Decorative and Functional Handwoven Baskets

Amish baskets can be custom ordered with your choice of accent colors. The accent color selection vary depending on the Amish family that handcrafts the particular style of basket. The accent colors are listed on each product page as a drop-down selection making each Amish basket personally customized to fit your home and garden country decor. Please allow up to one week for custom orders to be handmade and prepared for shipment. Amish Baskets can also be ordered with a "no preference" choice of accent colors which essentially means that the accent colors are not an issue and you would be willing to take one of the Amish baskets already completed which would allow your basket to be shipped sooner.

Please note that the Amish children start at a very young age learning the Amish trades and traditions to pass on to future generations. Therefore, each item may be truly a one-of-a-kind piece. Each piece that is handmade can vary in size, shape, or detail. Because these products are all made by hand, there is some variability in each product. This is not only acceptable, but it also adds to the uniqueness and value of the product. These Amish baskets will certainly add rustic country charm and appeal to all home decor.
Family Crafted Baskets

Family Crafted Baskets

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Two Pie - Round Pie Carrier with Wooden Divider, Lid and Handle BasketTwo Pie - Round Pie Carrier with Wooden Divider, Lid and Handle BasketRound 2-pie double pie carrier basket with tray, handle and lid, 12" x 7".   Sit your first pie in the bottom center of the basket and place the divider (round shaped wood on pegs) over the pie.  You will want to make sure that your bottom pie is not more than 3" so it does not hit the top of the divider.  Place the other pie on top of the divider and cover the top of your pie carrier basket with the lid!  It's as easy as that! 
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