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Amish Country is the place to go when one is looking to buy a hand stitched handmade quilt. However, because Amish Country has become a tourist attraction, the prices are stupendous! What we here at Amish Wares have done for you is go directly to the homes of our Amish crafters and photograph their handmade crafted items and display them in our online store. When a purchase is made, we go to the Amish family's home and pick up or special order the item, prepare it for shipping and then ship it. This method allows us to use the internet to showcase their wares and in turn does not violate the Amish rules because the Amish are selling through us here at Amish Wares and have nothing to do with the modern conveniences like the internet. The Amish families that we are working with do not live near Holmes County (Amish Country). They live in an area where the backroads are dirt and gravel and there is only local traffic and farming. Their crafts are of highest quality standards and you just can't find a better quilt anywhere else or at a better price than what you will find here from these families. The women make these quilts to aid in the financial resources for their families. We are proud to help these families out by showcasing their beautifully handmade and handcrafted products and hope that you will help them out as well by buying from them.

Traditional Hand-Made Quilts

Traditional Hand-Made Quilts

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When we think of the Amish, we often think of horse-drawn buggies and simple clothing, but the Amish are also known for making spectacular quilts. Amish quilts are mainly handmade with the fabric that Amish women use in their own clothing. Colors and patterns are restricted to the community they live in. The quilting patterns are also restricted to regions. Oftentimes the particular church districts will dictate what patterns the women are allowed to use. Almost all Amish quilts share one thing in common: using the fabric scraps on hand. If an Amish woman was making a red and green basket quilt, she would not use just one red and one green color, she would use what she had; resulting in several shades of red and green. That's what makes the Amish quilts so unique and special.

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