Rustic Beige Galvanized Metal Tin Painted Barn Star
Rustic Beige Galvanized Metal Tin Painted Barn Star
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All of our painted metal barn stars from 3 inches up to 10 foot are made from a durable 22 gauge galvanized metal steel, ensuring a long life and essentially no rust (no unsightly rust stains running down a wall or building).  

We offer a few paint coverage choices for our painted heavy duty barn stars. Painted stars begin with an industrial coat of primer and are topped with a couple coats of severe weather exterior paint. Our "solid" stars is where the paint coverage is from edge to edge of the wings, giving the star a clean lines and crisp appearance.  The "rustic" coverage is the opposite, the star is painted with a contrasting base coat and the color selection of the star is hand painted without full coverage where the brush strokes can be seen at the bends of the star giving an illusion of a distressed star.  Another paint coverage is our Rustoleum Hammered which gives the appearance that the wings of the star have been repeatedly struck by a hammer.  The last choice of paint coverage is the nautical painted barn star.  Each wing is painted in 2 different colors which is repeated the entire way around the star.

Our 3" to 7" small stars are created in one piece.  These small stars are only available in a solid coverage.  Our 10" to 24" medium stars are crafted and spot welded to also arrive in one piece.  The 32" to 53" large stars will require quick and easy assembly.  The wings to the star will arrive in one package with 5 wings that are placed one atop the other (with the flange underneath), the painted screws are then placed into the pre-drilled holes and then attach the nuts on the back (hardware included).  The 6 foot to 10 foot stars will also require the same assembly with extra hardware that is provided, including a small paint sample for touch up.  All the stars will have hang tags spot welded across the tip of the top wing with the exception of the 6, 8 and 10 foot stars.  Those will arrive with holes drilled in all of the tips so it can be affixed to the location of your choice.  The hardware for fastening to the location is not included.

These stars are a timeless and excellent accent to your home and garden decor! This product is hand painted and masterfully made with quality Amish craftsmanship in the heart of Ohio. With our products, you can create a perfect home decor setting or give a wonderful gift.

Please note that the size of the star is measured from wing tip to wing tip.

Don't forget a siding hook for simple outdoor hanging!
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